Job openings:  The IBME group at ShanghaiTech University is hiring postdoc and research associate now!   The positions will focus on engineering novel bioinspired materials and bionanotechnology leveraging the power of synthetic biology.  Please check the English Ad in job opening as well.  

10.25.14 Dr. Zhong will be giving an invited talk "Multi-functional adhesives coatings for implants and composites" at the International Conference of Young Researchers on Advanced Materials (IUMRS-ICYRAM) in Haikou, China. 

8.18.14  Dr. Zhong will be chairing the symposium session "New Frontiers in bio-derived and bio-inspired materials" at the International Materials Research Congress 2014 (IMRC 2014) to be held between 8.17~8.22 in Cancun, Mexico.

8.14.14  Research work at MIT on "Strong underwater adhesives made by self-assembling multi-protein nanofibers " has been accepted for publication by Nature Nanotechnology. Stay tuned! 

7.01.14  A new career start at ShanghaiTech University ( a brand new, first tenure-track university in China), leading the Integrative Bio-inspired Molecular Engineering (IBME) group as an independent PI. 

6.23.14  Attending the Bioinspired Materials Gordon Research Conference (GRC) from 6.22~6.27 in Newry, ME.     

2.20.12  A licensing agreement on our chitin nanomanufacturing technology has recently been reached between the Infectious Disease Research Institute and UW @ seattle. 

2.01.12  A new start at Synthetic Biology Center @ MIT, exploring novel routes towards bio-inspired materials synthesis. 

11.09.11 An article "Proton-based transistor could provide viable bio-interface" highlighting our recent bionanotransistor work has been published on the website of Materials Research Society (MRS)!

11.06.11 Bioprotonic transistor work has been featured by Discovery News!  

10.25.11 "Chitin Nanofiber Ink" paper is featured on the cover (inside) of Advanced Materials ! (Image on the left.)

10.19.11 A story describing our bioprotonic transistor work is in the front page of the Daily of UW !

10.6.11 Bioprotonic transistor work has also been featured by many non-english speaking scientific media: Welt der Physik, MIT Technology Review (chinese version),  Europa Press, Galileo, Le Scienze, Futura-Sciences, Inovacao Tecnologica, Science.orf.atMembrana.  

10.6.11 Selected media reports or highlights on our bioprotonic transistor work: IEEE SpectrumUW Today, Science Daily, Popular Science, Nanowerk, PhysOrg, New York TimesMaterials Today, TechEye, Medgadget, ZeitNews, ZDNet, The Times of India, PC Pro, Science a Gogo, Nanotechnology Now, TG Daily, Science20, Engadget, Gizmag, Smart Planet, Newser, Gigaom, Escapist, Io9Lab Manager, Futurity, World News-Russian Opinion, Decoded Science  

9.22.11 Communication paper "chitin nanofiber ink" has been published online by Advanced Materials.

9.20.11 Communication paper "a polysaccharide bioprotonic field-effect transistor" has been published online by Nature Communications. 

7.3.11 Exciting trip to Europe (Switzerland, France and Italy!!!)

9.18.10 "Chao's Website" is formally launched!

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