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HOLY-FUCKING-SHIT! Massive update time! Alright, today i am removing all of the tiny crappy Naruto sprite animations, this is because i've long-since passed my narutard phase and the only reason they were left on here THIS long is because of my own procrastination. This is not a purely destructive update, however, as I have written some shit which those of you who actually reading this will find in the Writings section. I have also taken the liberty of some crappy but amusing Images, in the section of the same name. For those three or so people who actually read anything i type into the intarwebs void, you have probably already noticed my new blog: Autobiography Of A Nobody, unrelated to anything sharing the same name. I've updated the The Crew page too, in an attempt to increase traffic to my friends' websites/blogz.



The forum is up bitches!No thanks to you people though...anyway check it out here





Alright update #2! Parts 3 and 4 of Akatsuki's Plot  are out,and i have a couple new sprite animations as well as my part that got rejected from the D is for death collaboration because it is a piece of crap. And remember: i'm still looking for help with the forum people!





Hello everyone and welcome to chaotixgamez.com, you know what that means! that's right i've finally gotten off my lazy arse and added some content!now that the children's-TV-esque portion of the update is over you can check out all the new shit:


The new animations and parts 1 and 2 of my Naruto fanflash "Akatsuki's Plot"

The updated "The Crew" Page

New Webcomic


I'm not really satisfied with the way the site looks but it's the best i could do,seeing as it was made with google page creator.Being accustomed to the shadows of The Newgrounds BBS i had to make it like this because the bright tones of all the other options hurt my eyes.Soon i'll have the Pursuit of Truth page up,but i have a lot to do before then.


oh yes,for anyone who's interested(which is no one i'm sure) here's my profile on Newgrounds.


oh yeah i have no idea how to put up a forum in this google page creator thing so if you know how email me