Welcome to Marin's Extended Profile!

Welcome to my website! Originally created as a way to keep record of all my various roleplay characters, it is now a general website for keeping track of my me for all to see.
Please use the navigatiion to the left to find your way around the site. Alternatively if you are interested in reading about my characters, old and new, you have come to the right page! Characters will also be listed to the left, in their own little navigation areas sorted by series and type.

On this website you will find various things such as my gaming habits, my musical hobby, my artsy stuff and even my personal thoughts on hot topics--the kind of thing that will immediately tell you whether you want to associate with me if you care about that stuff~ What you won't find are pictures of my real self or any other 'offline' information besides my first name. While not all 'offline' information is closely guarded, I generally consider it bad form to discuss such things in anything other than private conversation.