Zulu Squad


Full Members:

RS Name: Rarius
RV Name: Rarius (Captain)

RS Name: Dr Henry
RV Name: Dr Henry (Lieutenant)

RS Name: Austinberner
RV Name: Hostile_Amish

 RS Name: Caster582
RV Name: DotMan

RS Name: Cueball90
RV Name: Cueball90

RS Name: D3mon Ma5ter
RV Name: TheAmericanIdiot

RS Name: Donut Juice
RV Name: Donut Juice

RS Name:Garlic C
RV Name:Garlic C

RS Name: Gil Galed
RV Name: Gil Galed

RS Name: Jimmybe
RV Name: Jimmybe

RS Name: Ranger Blue0
RV Name: Ranger Blue

RS Name: slims79
RV Name: slims79

RS Name: Ultragast
RV Name: Ultragast

RS Name: Whydidijoin
RV Name: Whydidijoin


RS Name: Andreka0
RV Name: Andreka0

RS Name: Stimpius2004
RV Name: stimpy


RS: Blackmage172
RV Name: Blackmage172

Pending/Past members

The following people have been members in the past, but have either left, not been heard from, or kicked out.

RS Name: 123nintendo
RV Name: bartoron

RS Name:aeragorn
RV Name:ownager

RS Name: Alpr1010
RV Name: Alpr

RS Name:Andrey111
RV Name:Andrey

RS Name:bballin pnoi
RV Name:pizzatsf23

RS Name:Benerfe
RV Name:Benerfedevil

RS Name:Bill iop99
RV Name:Bill_iop99

RS Name: Blaze1200
RV Name: Blaze1200

RS Name:Blondepker
RV Name:liljen18

RS Name: Bob 48
RV Name:bobb

RS Name: Damen55
RV Name: Damen

RS Name:Davey Coops
RV Name:Davey C

RS Name:Doodlepieguy
RV Name:Doodlepieguy (Former Leader)

RS Name:Dr. McMurder
RV Name:Dr. McMurder

RS Name:Ent Dragon
RV Name:Ent Dragon (Former Leader )

RS Name: fdpatches
RV Name: fdpatches

RS Name: FetttsonRV
Name: Fetttson

RS Name: Ghwoon
RV Name: ghwoon

RS Name:Henrikh
RV Name:the fire demon

RS Name:Hogie Hutt
RV Name:Hogie Hutt

RS Name:Holden22122
RV Name:Ninja Nub

RS Name:Holy_Flame16
RV Name:X HolyFlame X

RS Name:jacxxmaster
RV Name:jacxxmaster

RS Name: K nil
RV Name: Knil

RS Name:Kurama 89
RV Name:Kurama 89

RS Name:Lukeman1884
RV Name:spartan116

RS Name:Mag1c Drag0n
RV Name:Mag1c RS

Name: Marik451
RV Name: Serpentis

RS Name: Mercury313
RV Name:Coren

RS Name:Pollsare
RV Name:Monk Basher

RS Name: Purez Skillz
RV Name:Unknownaddress

RS Name:Rabri
RV Name:RabbiMort

RS Name:runeexert
RV Name:AlastorMoody

RS Name:Shadowsmage
RV Name:Kamikaze

RS Name:scoot70
RV Name:scoot70

RS Name: Sgt Stryker
RV Name: Sgt Stryker

RS Name:Shadow7
RV Name:Shadow7

RS Name:Slaugtherer
RV Name:Slaugtherer

RS Name:star660
RV Name:star6600

RS Name:Star660
RV Name:Star60

RS Name:Thomas112230
RV Name:Thomas112230

RS Name: titeballa46
RV Name: System

RS Name:W I L M O T
RV Name:kra'ralis