RV Name: Whydidijoin
RS Name: Whydidijoin
Name: Greg
Birthdate: May 25th, 1989
Location: Ontario, Canada
RVA Joindate: October 2005
Squad History: After joining, I had gone squadless for quite a while. I then finally decided to join Dark Spartins, but due to it's inactivity, I decided to move on. Doodle, who was a friend of mine, was running Zulu, and it seemed to be the most active squad. I was a trainee for a couple weeks because the squad was full, despite reaching all requirements. I was then let in, and after a long and amazing time as captain, Doodle resigned. Ent Dragon was voted Squad captain and kept the legacy going. As his inactivity progressed however, he decided to resign as well and quit RuneScape. After a short time without a Squad Captain, I was voted to lead and have been doing so for about the last month.
Personal Comment: