RV Name: Ultragast
RS Name: Ultragast
Name: you may call me Ultra :O
Birthdate: I was born on 1991, june the 11th and I think it was around 1 pm Confused
Location: the Netherlands, Friesland
RVA Joindate: my sig says 7 dec, and that was 1 year ago (well, almost)

Squad History:

I joined back when Doodle was captain, I diddnt have 100 posts yet and so I was kicked 3 days later, right after joining a squad XD I pmed... I think it was ozzie who was general back then, and he let me in again.
I got 100 posts, and made them in the RVA forums mainly, that was back when we still got post count in here (oh, good times... would've have 2k+ posts if that was still around XD)

A bit less then 3 months later, at 22 feb, I became Lieutenant and I have recently resigned at august the 5th, because I thought I was a bad LTN.
Some people think otherwise, but I have the feeling I diddnt do anything for the RVA, except suggesting to make an activity check every now and then keeping order, which is the thing Im good at lol.
When I joined Zulu it was still pretty inactive, but to me it was my home, that was the place my friends were, and everyone in the zulu squad were very kind, I wub you guys! <3

Zulu started to become active right before Doodle resigned as Squad Captain, too bad, he could've done great things Wink
He assigned Ent Dragon as new captain and he made Zulu big, active and cool Cool
it went very well with Zulu for a long period, we had grown to one of the biggest and active-est squads in the RVA, but then somehow we started lacking again, became inactive, sometimes we went pretty active for a short time and then got inactive again, we were strugling like that for a long time.
As I said, I risigned and like 2-3 months after that Ent resigned too, it took a pretty long time untill we got a new squad captain, the lucky one was the one and only WhyDidIJoin?!!!!!
that was pretty recently so Ill stop there, that was my squad history on a short note (Im hurrying this post since I have lots of homework and rugby practice in a few hours), Ill post some more when more things come to mind again.
right now Im trying to think up a few of the great things tokuman has done, I must say, he was one of the great minds in the RVA =D he was rly dedicated

Personal Comment:
wow, Ive written allot lol, diddnt seem like that untill I saw the actual post XD
I hope you guys feel like reading it o.O