RV Name: Tokuman
RS Name: Tokuman
Name: Kevin Faulconer
Birthdate: 5/30/88
Location: I am an exchange student/teacher in Ecuador, but my home is in Virginia
RVA Joindate: I am not sure of an exact date, but I joined on one of RVA´s first recruitment posts by Memphus
Squad History: Wow, I am an oldie. When I first joined I was in Omega. I liked that squad. It was run by Mercenary. I have also been in Zulu, DS, and Psi. I will give more history below.
Personal Comment: Like I said.. I am a real oldie. Perhaps among the oldiest(is that a word). I first came in when I was around 60 something combat. I joined Omega. At the time RVA had different levels for each squad, and you HAD to join the one of your level range. Omega was being run by Mercenary. I think he was pretty good in my opinion. In that time I befriended a guy named Tahngarth who used RVA to recruit members into his own clan. I joined his clan, as a low level member. I was low on the food chain. While in his clan he got mad at RVA and decided to bring his clan into the wild to confront RVA. There were a lot of RVA members who were in his clan that did not know WHAT we were doing. I was in the wild attack, but luckily in a month I was able to prove to Toooon that I was innocent. People accepted me back in as if it never happened. While I was gone Omega shut down, I was forced to join Zulu. For some time I was in Zulu, but was never really active as far as going to 100 percent events. In this time we got new generals.. One of which was Darkblade, which a lot of people will say he was one of the best Generals to RVA. I now was not a noob in RVA anymore I had many months and levels under my belt. Ozzie Bond formed a squad called Dark Spartans, which lead RVA for a long time. I joined DS, and was very active at that time. I went to almost all of his fight pit trips, which were very exciting in my opinion. Ozzie Bond ran for general, so then we had a few squads that were empty of leaders when he won the election. I then also ran for a Squad Leader position, and won. Psi was the squad I was to lead. It was the most inactive, the least members, and I had little hopes for ever getting it back into shape. I worked and worked. I had decided that to get people active, I needed to MAKE Psi the most active squad in RVA. I had 2 weekly events including Fight Pits and PK trips. We also had other events. Psi quickly became one of the most active Squads in RVA. We were right up next to DS. We even had members that matched theirs. Later on Ozzie Bond had a Tri-Tournament. With the help of my Lieutenants we were able to come out FIRST place. We then proved to be at that time to be the leaders in the wilderness for RVA. Shortly after winning the Tri Tournament I had to move from Mississippi to Virginia, making me be sorely inactive. I really disliked the move. I then gave my position the the Senior lieutenant Freak E Bob. He chose NOT to lead Psi for very long so he gave it to Sroy, my other lieutenant. To this day Sroy has done a good job leading Psi. I came back to Psi as active, but then I found out I was chosen to be a foreign exchange student in Ecuador, a small country in South America. I am not inactive, but looking for ways to come back to RVA 100%. I want to come back and help RVA in any way I can.