garlic c


RV Name: Garlic c
RS Name: Garlic c
Name: Steve
Birthdate: 19th October
Location: England/Liverpool
RVA Joindate: Oct/Nov 2004
Squad History: Omega/Zulu
Personal Comment:

I joined Runevillage in Sept 2004 and not long after i joined the RVA, Memphus, Davey C and To0o0on were generals and Admin with someone else whose name escapes me,The squad set up was different then it only changed under Dark Blades leadership, My first squad was Omega or Alpha ? I think, under the leadership of Dustin, The RVA was very active in the early days, we had a lot of members who were in ZF/ZFE one of the best PKing clans which helped us a lot on PKing trips, on one PK trip we were jumped by ZF and Memphus was out leading the RVA, he tried to declare war on ZF who would have totally wiped us out, only for the likes of Dark Blade, Cubanasso,Flyingboy(Pinhead) and Celli factor talking him out of it, we would never have been able to go into the wild again Shocked
We have had many wars, the last big one was against Rivendell, we were allied with Legends Legion, that was Jan 2005, the circumstances in which it came about were really sad as any of the old RVA members will recall, but besides that it was one massive battle in which the RVA can be proud to have taken part in it.
We had members who started there own clan of as Toku has pointed out and some of are members were duped on one occassion, Toku has already explained what happened there, We have had are ups and downs in the RVA, but as long as we keep getting new members and great leadership (which we always have had and always will have) we can go from strength to strength, well thats my two pence worth hope it helps.