RV Name: Frost
RS Name: Frost drag0n
Name: ~
Birthdate: ~
Location: US east coast
RVA Joindate: Feb '05
Squad History: i saw a ad in steve-losers sig about runevillage army. i checked it out and thought it was cool so i joined. after a few days i joined steve-losers PI SQUAD. it was (and is!) the best squad evar (I think i was the pie filling!). steve loser then became inactive in runescape and activity started going down. so the squad got destickied and died off for a while. later i entered Alprs contest to win a mask set. i picked the closest number out of 1,000,000 and got the set. i waited a few months and had a drop party with 15mil(?) worth of rune and other items. then tooooon appointed me the knew general and i started recruiting with il gato and ozzy bond. it worked quite well as we got a global. then i retired and quit runescape. and now im here looking at the rva forum about once a week.
Personal Comment: see squad hostory Razz