Ent Dragon


RV Name: Ent Dragon
RS Name: Ent Dragon
Name: Andrew
Birthdate: 01/07/88 (1st July)
Location: UK
RVA Joindate: 2006 Jan
Squad History: There was no other squads I could join at the time I've first came to the RVA, but none other than the Zulu squad. Doodle took me in and I went to my first event with him, I can't remember what it is but it did turn out bad and it the same time it was fun. As more and more events came up I was starting to see that the RVA was the place for me and since then I've attended most of the events that the squad hosted. I've easily gotten along with all the members of the squad and enjoyed all of our little chit chats , helping each other out, or tagging along.

And then there was Doodle, he was a great guy to talk to, smart, whenever he was around there was always order in the squad. Everyone liked him for all the things he's done for all of us and I couldn't be happier to call him a leader. But when he left, it was a big shock for all of us and what I found even more shocking was that he made me the offer to run the squad in his place. I thinked on it for a few days and kept asking myself why would he put me in charge over and over. Atfer a few days I thought to myself that Doodle is doing what's best for the squad and so I took his place.

Then there was my era in the RVA. Atfer taking up Doodle's place I've made sure that the details of the squad were acturate and filed whatever notes and references I've had. With the help of the members and my fellow LTs, the squad prospered and the member positions became full very quickly, we all pitched in and stuck together. Remember guys, I didn't do all of the work, you all played your role in this and im proud of what you have all done.

Atfer finding work, I knew that I wouldn't be able to keep on going as the leader, and atfer that I left my town for awhile without leaving any notice apart from my retirement. The ball is in your court now Whydidijoin, you've done a fine job in my place and im sure the squad will be a better place.

In my spare time whenever im not at work or studying, im always checking out the topics here around the village and im happy to help out anyone here in the RVA whenever. Also in my spare time I've gotten back into drawing and I've recently got into reading mangas.

Please note that my english may not be very good since I was born with learning difficulties. Please correct it if you must.
Personal Comment: Ugh, that took awhile to think about and to write. Dude, wheres my sake?