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Hello and Welcome to the Dark Spartins Squad topic. In here you'll find everything from Members to Members contact info to some cool picture's from our former events.

October 4th,2007:All Members Removed!

October 2nd,2007:New topic is up. Activity check till October 14th.

October 2nd,2007:Superskyder Steps down from Squad Leader to appoint `Tyler to become
new Captain. Superskyer has longest term with a magnificent run.
Squad History:

Rva Army "Dark Spartins" squad
Originally foun
ded by Ozzie Bond whom led the squad thorough it's most epic fights and outrageously cool times he slowly gave the squad to rune richie. Rune Richie then led for a long period of time which slowly then ended to Red Sox winning in an election to take over the squad. Red Sox then led for a great deal of time of events flowing in and out and activity dieing. Eventually Red Sox had to leave it to Lost Shad123 who led while Red sox was grounded and was on temp leave. Lost Shad left the RVA and left the squad to Superskyder.

Former Leaders:

Superskyder:11th june 2006 - 2nd october 2007
Led thorough one of the toughest times in the RVA. He was a great leader that did his best to try to get us active but he couldn't get us active. So he left the squad to Tyler.

Lost Shad234: May 07, 2006 - Jun 03, 2006
Lost Shad took over for Red Sox when Red was no where to be found. Aka Grounded,He led for about a money and the squad quickly began on a slope to less greatness =/ But he did his best and tried to pull thorough.

Red Sox: Jan 07, 2006 - Apr 19, 2006
Took over for Rune Richie and Led thorough a great time he did alot of good work for the squad. He gained alot of members and dedicated alot of work. He left the squad because he found more fun with Real life and left it to Richie who didn't reply so Lost Shad got it.

Rune Richie: Dec 08, 2005 - Jan 07, 2006
Obtained DS from Ozzie bond. The second of leader of DS. Richie had a good run with the squad and he quickly began to make alot of good events. He gave it his all until the inactivity bug got him. Richie soon lost intrest in RS and RV. He then had a good thought as to whom to give the squad and Red Sox gained power. *Also the Co-Captain*

Ozzie Bond: Sep 28, 2005 - Nov 11, 2005
Ozzie Bond is the creator of the Dark Spartins squad. He led thorough the greatest period of the RVA history the time of activity. The Squad was almost never empty and always full. He did a great job with the squad. Though Ozzie quickly had left RV and the RVA to pursue other goals. He then left it to Rune Richie.

Hello,If you'd like to join Dark Spartins then you'll need to fill this applaction out and please give me some contact information so I can contact you Via MSN,Aim,or Pm.

The Requirements for our Squad are 90+ Combat. If you'd still like a spot in DS you can always join as a Trainee though you'll need 80-89 combat or a skill requirement.
Requirements for ds are 90 combat or 85 in Magic or Range.


Member List:
Rvn|Rsn Combat lvl,HitPoints Timezone

`Tyler|Shadowsmage Combat level: 90 Hp:71 Timezone: EST


Event Coordinator:

Emote_Please Comabt:61 Hp:63 Timezone: Central (acception=85 Magic)

25k_xLCombat: 112 HP: 93 Timezone:Central

Houn Dog69 Combat:102 Hp: 84 Timezone:PST

Mikeyboy2003|Mikeyboy2003 Combat Level:87 Hp:71 Timezone: Est

Total HP:228/1000

Contact Info
`Tyler -MSN- Equaliser_shadowsmage@hotmail.com

Fallen Soldiers/Retired:
Ozzie Bond - Ozzie Bond | Red Sox - Bjbsk8er2 | Rune Richie - Rune Richie | Sky Demon - Superskyder | Tucker - Damen55 | ZxC - Zxcvbnmpoiuy | Kmjhawk - Kmjhawk | Houn dog69 - Houn dog69 | dave36464736 - dave36464736 | Dino Slayer2 - Dino Slayer2 | Weirdocal - Weirdocal | Carl - Devilman501 | Alpr - Alpr1010 | Doodle - Doodlepieguy | Black light1 - Black light1 | Koolman Alex - Koolman Alex | I got scrwed - I got scrwed | l33tki113r - l33tki113r | Gobberhop - Gobberhop | Boravon - Boravon | Zamorat - Zamorat | Bulker - Bulker | Apocalypse20 - Apocalypse20 | Cass145 - Cass145 | Tokuman - Tokuman | Wessje - G1zm0n4t0r | Kurama 89 - Kurama 89 | Omegaman1111 - Omegaman1111 | Martin - Saradomin's Monk

List: Ozzie Bond,Bjbsk8er2, Rune Richie, Superskyder, Damen55,Zxcvbnmpoiuy, Kmjhawk,Houn dog69,dave36464736,Dino Slayer2,Weirdocal,Devilman501,Alpr1010,Doodlepieguy,Black light1,Koolman Alex,I got scrwed,l33tki113r,Gobberhop,Boravon,Zamorat,Bulker,Apocalypse20,Cass145 Tokuman,G1zm0n4t0r,Kurama 89,Omegaman1111,Saradomin's Monk

Events and Pictures:
Hey guys!
If you'd like to suggest or make an event just fill this out.

Event:Pot Luck!
Host:Dark Spartins!
Date:October 12th (Friday)
Time(Timezone also):4pm EST,8pm GMT
Place:Edgeville,Then we'll go some place else.
What to bring: 2 Items any value.

[b]Time(Timezone also):[/b]

Pictures are here-
Just click on a link.
Castle Wars
Castle Wars 1
Castle Wars 2
Castle wars 3

Credit to Tucker for all of these amazing Signatures!