This is a site dedicated to my fantasy models mainly for use in Warhammer Fantasy Battles and AD&D.
You have found this site -well done!
Please return to it periodically as i have just started work on it and this is my first web site (i haven't much of a clue what i am doing).
I am blundering along at the moment but have many hundreds of miniatures to photograph and post up.
I plan to expand the annotations regularly to give more info on each image.
In The Begging:
As far as i can remember i started collecting fantasy miniatures at age 13 although a small group of us were playing Dungeons and Dragons before this.
2nd edition WFB (Games Workshop) had just been released, although through a friend i also had access to 1st edition and the Forces of Fantasy supplement so it is reasonable to say i have been in the hobby for most of its existence.
Like many i first came to fantasy via Tolkien's The Lord of The Rings so my first impulse on starting to play WFB was to collect Orcs. In second edition you could take Chaos warriors as leaders of units for any chaotic or evil race (and neutral i think) which allowed a kind of war-band feel to the army, i liked this and in my minds eye i always imagine all my chaos and evil armies to be part of one huge chaos horde and one day i would love to play the game with everything i have all at once.
Over the years rules have changed and armies have become less diverse which has led to my collecting forces of various sizes for most "bad-guy" armies.
As the years have progressed i have played less and less but have continued to have bouts of collecting and painting.
I went to the last ever Citadel open day at the old factory and was greatly influenced by a huge display put on by "The Players Guild" which featured a besieged castle surrounded by a horde of evil creatures, to this day i much prefer the sight of huge units and large monsters to small tournament armies with ridiculous amounts of special rules and magic items.
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