"SIX DUDES, UNCOMPROMISED, MAKING WHATEVER SOUND THEY WANT TO."                                                                                                                                                                                        HOME

Trevor Verteramo is a guitar.
Davegunn is a keyboard.
Stephen Faught is a cello.
Kevin Duquette is a microphone and a voice.
Davey Jones is a drumset.
Dave Greer is a bass and back-up voice.


That's Spanglish for, "Chaos with cheese." No, none of us are of Hispanic origin. And no, the name doesn't mean
anything special, though it's come to be a very accurate description of the music we make the behavior we exhibit
during live performances. It slipped out of our bassist's mouth one day and we kept, because it sounded cool and
made us laugh. Others have seemed to take a liking to it as well. Add, "con queso," to your name. It sounds cool.
And no, we won't change. Probably ever.

We are a so-called, "Emotive Nintendocore," band from a culturally devoid place in upstate New York called Schenectady (51h8).

We originally started out as a drum and keyboard project between davegunn and Davey Jones called FUCK! the band. Some instrumentals were recorded with a digital camera. Then other members gradually fell into it and we decided to be serious and make real songs with several instruments and vocals. First, Trevor came with guitars. Then Dave Greer came with bass. Then Stephen was recruited on cello. And lastly, Kevin was chosen for vocals, even though his first try-out left several bits of equipment broken.

Our official birthday is November 23rd, 2005.

Along with being one of the only bands in the local music scene trying to do something different, exciting, fun, and original, we're also probably the poorest. We all come from extremely different musical backgrounds and we think it kinda is evident in each of our songs, which almost always sound different from each other. Hating bands who are fake assholes, we try to be as genuine as possible: We answer all messages and comments by hand, sell all our merch for as cheap as possible, use all the money we make to make more merch, and always try to make friends with our listeners and the bands we play with (even if we hate 'em). We also try to provide a VERY energetic live show, because we like to have fun and want you to have fun, too. We've been a band for a little over a year now and have played a buncha shows, opened for some bands we really love (HORSE the band, Fair To Midland, Trophy Scars, Red Light Green Light, Robot Goes Here, Karate High School, and Secret Lives of the Free Masons), recorded and released one eight-track demo and one ten-track full-length, participated in several local battle of the bands (and lost all of them), been played on a Canadian electro-rock podcast, and are gradually building a decent fanbase locally and all over the country via MySpace. Hopefully, we'll be touring in summer '08.

We remain humble and sincere. We like doing what we do. And it's something we intend to keep doing, without caving into the banal mainstream of fashion-based radio music. We plan on eventually punching the world in the face (or giving it a big hug), slowly but surely.