last update:

november 23 2007

"Whatevercore with lotsa fakedowns!"












Some things you should know: 

Our debut full length release, "GHOST TOWN", was released on September 25th. For ways to pick that shit up, click on the MERCH page over there on the left column.

Shirts are almost completely SOLD OUT. There are only a couple left of each design, so ya better pick one up while you still have the chance to grace your body with one. Chances are both designs will be extinct after these run out.

In preparation for our summer 2008 tour, we will be trying to play more shows outside of Albany. This late December/early January, we will be hitting up Vermont, Poughkeepsie, Troy, Burnt Hills, and maybe some other places. Any info on booking us, please message us via MySpace.

Last week, we broke 6,000 friends on MySpace, also breaking over 50,000 total plays! This in no way means we're famous yet, but it's something none of us would have ever imagined us accomplishing.

We are in the process of writing some new songs, including a collaboration with our rapper friend Emcee Graffiti. Demos of these should be recorded sometime during winter break, and maybe even officially released. If enough songs are written and recorded, an EP shall be born.