Chan Thread Watch

Chan Thread Watch is a program that saves threads from *chan-style boards and checks for updates until the thread dies.

Chan Thread Watch

  • Watches multiple threads in a single program instance.
  • Saves the HTML in addition to the images, optionally with thumbnails.
  • Concurrent image downloading (4 per hostname).
  • Thread update check interval is configurable per-thread from 1-60 minutes.
  • One-time download option to disable checking for thread updates.
  • Supports HTTP authentication.
  • Tested on many boards (if you find one it doesn't work with, let me know).
  • 4chan only: Option to verify hash of downloaded images (from the image tag's MD5 attribute).
  • 4chan only: Option to save images with their original filenames.
  • Full source code (C#) included.
System Requirements:
  • Windows: .NET Framework 2.0+ or
  • Linux/OS X/etc: Mono (screenshot in Xubuntu 10.10 with Mono 2.6.7 - make sure libmono-winforms2.0-cil is installed)
Download: Chan Thread Watch - Latest version, including source code.

Just unzip it to a new folder somewhere (e.g. Program Files\Chan Thread Watch) and run. Threads will be saved to "My Documents\Watched Threads" by default.

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  1.7.4 (2012-Sep-30):
    * Fix spoiler images not being downloaded.
  1.7.3 (2012-May-13):
    * Fix "Stopped: Unknown error" caused by URL parsing.
  1.7.2 (2012-May-13):
    * Restore Mono compatibility.
    * Improve character encoding detection.
  1.7.1 (2012-May-03):
    * Supports 4chan's new HTML.
    * HTML post-processing makes most URLs absolute for better display and functionality of saved HTML (e.g. external stylesheet/scripts).
    * Supports Krautchan.
    * Supports loading on .NET 4.0 runtime (not required; still 2.0 compatible).

Full Change Log

You can email me at email address for bug reports, comments, etc. Chan Thread Watch is considered feature complete so I will likely not implement feature requests but feel free to tell me your ideas anyway.


Copyright 2012 JDP.