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Subliminal Stimuli

Subliminal Stimuli is an American experimental electronic music project currently consisting of only Rain Storm Jackson. The project was created by Rain Storm Jackson in 2010, and he was the lone member until 2012, when Ramona Mae Thomas joined him. In January of 2014, Ramona Mae Thomas left the band due to conflict between the two members. Their name refers to Subliminal stimuli, a type of sub-conscious influence which relies on super low sensory that falls below perception threshold. In a January 2014 interview, Subliminal Stimuli said that their music does include some Subliminal messaging, however, they did not specify how often they do so.

In a December 2012 interview, Subliminal Stimuli revealed that they use Ableton for most of their productions.


2014 interview can be viewed here:

Selected Discography:
My Pain is Audible - 2012

First Power - 2014