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Oct. 31, 2015

Yes, Channel Q has been on hiatus. No, it's not dead.
In the time since this page was last updated, we've released an album by Submliminal Stimuli and just today, are proud to present a masterpiece of IDM and house - II, by Fount.
Nothing really needs to be said for it. Listen to it. Right away.


Dec. 31, 2014

Last release of this dreadful year is... nothing new. It's a box set compiling the three albums by kyonpalm this year.
Get a copy of the WIRED BOX while they last. Limited to 33 hand-numbered copies.


Dec. 24, 2014

The final album in the Wired trilogy, LIMERENCE, is released.
This album marks an end to kyonpalm as an active unit, now on indefinite hiatus in preparation for a surge in activity and effort toward improving and diversifying Channel Q as a label for the future.
You can hear it here and buy it here.


Dec. 05, 2014

The breakthrough first album by Spheromere is released today. Check it out here and grab a copy.


Nov. 27, 2014

Now available, the second kyonpalm album of the year, OMNISCIENCE.
A mixture of experimental house, """IDM""" (three quotation marks for triple the snark), acid, and ambient, it can be loosely-defined as a concept album covering the events surrounding the life of The Wired's own goddess Herself, as portrayed in Her own story.
It can be downloaded here, and ordered here.


Oct. 31, 2014

First up for release is a new EP
by a new face - Jade Nelson And The Absolute Nothings. A three-track demo of industrial/post-punk, and even a NIN cover.

Next, the first in the trilogy of kyonpalm albums to be released this year, CYBERIA.
A collection of washed-out, surrealist vaporwave and future funk taking from sounds all over the world, it is the essential soundtrack to any idealist/romanticist's night out at the infamous fictitious club.

Both releases can be downloaded at their respective pages, and copies can be ordered here (CD-R for Jade, CD-R/Cassette for CYBERIA).


Oct. 24, 2014

It's been a long time without activity, but we're back with a vengeance (minus the whole vengeance thing).
The website has been slightly redesigned, hopefully making for a COOL™er browsing experience.
In addition to reformatting the old, we also have lots of new material planned for release, including three (read: 3 [see: THREE]) new albums by kyonpalm.
The first, entitled CYBERIA, is to be released Halloween. The second, OMNISCIENCE, will be out in November, and the third, LIMERENCE, will come in time for Xmas.
Lots of new artists are being searched out, so expect a lot of new stuff from new faces here. If you want to be one of those, get in touch.