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Board Member (TEN journals, FOUR SCI indexed). “Materials” (LINK, SCI), “Advances in Materials Physics and Chemistry” (LINK, SCI), “Advances in Chemical Engineering and Science” (LINK, SCI), “International Journal of Organic Chemistry” (LINK, SCI), “Journal of Fluids and Thermal Sciences” (LINK), “The Open Surface Science Journal” (LINK), “The Open Catalysis Journal” (LINK) and “Journal of Chemical Science and Technology” (LINK).

Frequent Reviewer (more than SEVENTY times). “European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry”, Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical”, “Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry”, Tetrahedron”, Tetrahedron Letters”, Synthetic Communications”, Current Organic Chemistry”, “Applied Organometallic Chemistry”, “Catalysis Communications”, “Applied Catalysis A: General”, “eXPRESS Polymer Letters”, “Polymer Bulletin”, “Polymer Science”, “Journal of Coordination Chemistry”, etc.

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