2011 - now     Scientist II at Celanese Corporation (Fortune 500)

· Advanced Engineering Polymers

2010 - 2011    Postdoctoral Fellow with Tobin Marks, Northwestern University

· Optimized cooperative and heterogeneous catalysis. (DOE)

· Synthesized novel polysiloxane lubricant and silver based solid lubricant. (Dow Corning)

· Discovered new lubricant additive to treat sand contamination. (US Military)

2006 - 2010    Research Assistant with Richard Jordan, University of Chicago

· Developed new group IV (Ti, Zr, Hf) metallocene and post-metallocene catalysts with high

activity in olefin polymerization and co-polymerization. (Mitsui Chemical)

· Investigated new group X (Ni, Pd) catalysts in small molecule transformation and incorporation

of polar monomers in olefin polymerization. (DOE)

2005 - 2008    Teaching Assistant, University of Chicago

· Taught undergraduate chemistry labs and lead discussion sections.

2003 - 2005    Research Assistant with Qianwang Chen, USTC

· Synthesized diamond and novel carbon-based nano-materials from super critical CO2. (NSFC)