Welcome  to the webpage for Change the World in Song.  
We hope you are inspired to come and sing with us.  The words to the songs we sing are on the "The Songs" page.  You can email us via the "Contact Us" page which also gives details of where we meet.

Who we are

Change the World in Song is a friendly, open access, non-auditioning Community Choir, which welcomes members from all communities across Belfast and beyond. Written music is sometimes available, but all songs are taught by ear. There is no expectation that people can read music or have previous experience. Our main aim is to sing and have fun!

The group’s name reflects the flavour of many (but by no means all) of the songs we sing: songs from around the world that promote peace, freedom, justice and care for the planet. We sing in harmony and draw on song traditions from across the globe.

We meet on Thursdays from 7-9pm at Fitzroy Church, University St. Term dates are given opposite. 

New members are welcome to a free taster session before they commit to joining.

Fee for a six week term is £36 for those who can afford it, and £24 for those on low wage/ benefits. Five week terms, £30 or £20. 

Those ineligible for benefits, or who are otherwise unable to pay can join for less or for free.

We have a written constitution which outlines our aims and values- see information page.

As well as weekly sessions, we have full day or weekend workshops with Kate or other leaders once or twice a year, and have access to other one-off events and singing opportunities.

Dates for your diary: New members welcome!
Term dates:
31 May, 7th June, 14th June