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Free Wedding Photo Background

free wedding photo background
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free wedding photo background - Digital Photography
Digital Photography Backdrops Wedding Album Templates & Backgrounds From the Photo Coach 1f
Digital Photography Backdrops Wedding Album Templates & Backgrounds From the Photo Coach 1f
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father-daughter dance...
father-daughter dance...
Since I wasn't the official photographer, I was free to take some chances with exposures, etc. A pure flash photo of this scene would have provided a perfectly exposed image of the father and daughter, and there's nothing wrong with that. But by leaving the shutter open for a longer exposure, I was able to get some of the color provided by the candles on the tables, and the light inside the parlor, which to me, adds a lot to the ambience of the shot, and looks more like the scene that we saw with our eyes. Some cameras will do this automatically if you have a slow shutter synch - there are several different names for it - and you should try it next time you have to take flash photos, but they are turning out with black backgrounds.. I'm not sure I would recommend trying it at a wedding though...
Bridal Boogie
Bridal Boogie
Congratulations, Voltaire and Maricel! The wedding was great and we had a really fun time! This photo was taken with a Canon Digital Rebel XTi with an EF-S 10-22mm super wide-angle lens. The flash used was a Canon 430ex with a Sto-Fen Omnibounce flash diffuser. I'm not too sure on how to use my flash, so if anybody has any tips, feel free to check out the exif data and comment. I usually have trouble exposing the background. Thanks to my buddy Ralph for letting me borrow his lens!

free wedding photo background