Event Photo Booth

event photo booth
    photo booth
  • A photo booth is a vending machine or modern kiosk that contains an automated, usually coin-operated, camera and film processor. Today the vast majority of photo booths are digital. Traditionally photo booths contain a seat or bench designed to seat the one or two patrons being photographed.
  • Photo Booth is a small software application for taking photos and videos with an iSight camera by Apple Inc. for Mac OS X.
  • A thing that happens, esp. one of importance
  • Each of several particular contests making up a sports competition
  • something that happens at a given place and time
  • a special set of circumstances; "in that event, the first possibility is excluded"; "it may rain in which case the picnic will be canceled"
  • A planned public or social occasion
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event photo booth - Business Plan
Business Plan Template for Photo Booth / Weddings Events & Parties
Business Plan Template for Photo Booth / Weddings Events & Parties
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Photo booth setup
Photo booth setup
We did the wedding photo 'booth' beta setup last night in our living room. Here's the camera, remote shutter trigger, and TV showing what's in-frame. We really hope people actually look at the camera instead of the TV when a shot is taken. Also, none of this would work without the CHDK open source camera firmware. The TV and tripod are borrowed, and we already had the camera. I had to buy some assorted USB cables & adapters, plus the trigger itself, about $30 total. A 'real' photo booth would have cost $1000 to rent for the evening. I am extremely proud of this setup.
Johnny from SnapShotz Photobooth Rentals on location at a wedding in Los Angeles with several enthusiastic and fun photo booth patrons. SnapShotz Photobooth Rentals in Los Angeles

event photo booth
event photo booth
Face Place Photo2Go Event Photo Booth
Apple Industries has combined the timeless excitement, anticipation and intimacy of the classic photo booth with a new generation of digital technology! The Face Place Photo2Go Event Photo Booth comes in a specially constructed lightweight aluminum cabinet designed for the event and party planning industry! Skip the time-consuming set up thanks to a built-in 3 wheel hand truck and sleek, modern design. Save money and maximize fun with this sophisticated, compact and durable party accessory. Each photo booth features 4 popular software packages: basic film strips in color or black and white, a program with various colorful and unique borders and backgrounds, and a program featuring assorted hairstyles - a guaranteed crowd pleaser! Other fun, fresh and entertaining features include time released holiday backgrounds, strip photos printed vertically, as well as the ability to customize borders and backgrounds! Even add customized logos to each photo strip for fun and effective advertising or personalization. A top industry pick for special events, the Face Place Photo2Go vends double sets of prints from the best and most reliable Mitsubishi printer. And, it always stays fresh with upgradeable software. With 600 vends to a roll of film, the Face Place Photo2Go Event Photo Booth is the key to easy, affordable and unbeatable party and event entertainment.