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Chatham Aerial Photography Book Signing, Saturday, July 12
Chatham Aerial Photography Book Signing, Saturday, July 12
Press Release: Chatham, Cape Cod (July 11, 2008) -- It's hard to believe this book doesn't yet exist, but the many faces of Chatham’s everchanging coastline have now been captured in a newly released coffee table book by photographer Christopher Seufert. "Chatham by Air: Aerial Photographs of Chatham, Massachusetts, 80 photographs in hard cover, hits the streets with a wine and cheese signing at the Christopher Seufert Gallery (2469 Main Street, Chatham) from 3:30pm to 6:30pm on Saturday, July 12. Shot entirely in 2007 and 2008, the color photos give a priority treatment to the town’s dramatic new break at North Beach. The first 20 images show the progressive erosion in similarly composed images shot over time. Monomoy, downtown Chatham, and virtually every body of water are also revealed in perspectives from the air. Further on, seals bask on sandspits, a scalloper rocks on its anchor in Nantucket Sound, the ever green links of Eastward Ho reflect the light of a sunny day on Pleasant Bay. While the main project is a traditional hard-cover coffee table book, Seufert, a documentary filmmaker by trade, brought his film and video background to play with a full complement of multimedia components, including a DVD slide show (with 50 additional images) included with the book and also available separately, a free cross-platform screensaver (available as a download from Apple), and a separate 27-minute online video slideshow for sale as a download. "My core business through Mooncusser Films helped me add a little more kick to the publishing of a Cape Cod photo book, I hope," explains Seufert. "Though I love holding a real book in my hands, photos are no longer something that live only on the printed page. These images really hold up well on a large HD tv and the aerial details are revealed much more truly large like that.”By offering the dvd as a free add-on to the book and giving people the option to purchase it separately for $20 as opposed to the $50 book, I'm hoping to evolve the Cape Cod photo book one step, as it’s a great value at high quality with more images than printed book. Though Seufert went away to college and spent the early part of his career 'over the bridge,' he grew up in Chatham, where couldn’t help but be influenced by the legendary aerial photographer Dick Kelsey. “He would shoot our family portrait every year and also progressive aerial photos of our neighborhood so I was very familar with his work,” says Seufert. “Seeing how the Hardings Beach area where I grew up changed so dramatically over time in his photographs, I noticed how well his images functioned as documents of the changing face of Chatham and not just as art. So his work was certainly a big inspiration for this book. He would tip his wings to us when he passed overhead and I’ve always seen him as something of a romantic character, a cowboy of the skies.” Seufert undertook the photo excursions more for the adventure, foresaking a more scientific approach that would entail shooting the same flats over time at the same tide point in the tides. Working closely with pilot Jill Douglas he chose instead to base his trips more on good weather and on covering every part of town. “I would always go shoot the new break every time I was up, but I also made sure that I got shots of every part of town, including downtown, which I don’t normally see in other Chatham aerial collections. Jill was fantastic, and her skill at the controls really gave me the same ability to hover over one spot as well as if I were in a helicopter. She’s also has a very relaxed and patient demeanor, which made it easy for me to focus on shooting all the time.” Mr. Seufert currently has most recently had his photos published at, National Public Radio, Cape Cod Magazine, and last year he released his first book “Chatham Views: A Photographic Journal from Chatham, Cape Cod.”
Goofy About EPCOT
Goofy About EPCOT
For this picture, I decided to use a longer focal length to achieve more perspective compression (I think that's what it's called) so that SSE fills the entire frame behind Goofy, rather than seeing the entire SSE, which is what would have happened had I used ~18mm as the focal length. If you don't care about my personal rants, today's post stops here. ------- I'm sure you all know that I like to avail myself of using this as my own personal soapbox sometimes. Well, today is one of those times. As background, you all likely know by now that Captain EO (starring Michael Jackson), is returning to Disneyland in the spring. This return has started some (fairly one-sided) debate online. The principle issue: whether Disney should have brought back an attraction starring Michael Jackson after his checkered legal history. So far, with few exceptions, most people have said that the attraction should be brought back. Here is my counterpoint to these arguments. Many people have stated that Jackson being acquitted is the basis for bringing the attraction back. However, the courts occasionally fail at achieving the "correct" result, and our society's desire to prevent an innocent person from being convicted of a crime he did not commit results in the trade-off of guilty men sometimes going free. I would also like to point out how funny I find it that so many people are willing to lambaste our legal system when it achieves a result they find problematic, but those same people are willing to turn a blind eye to those supposed problems when it suits their agenda. People have stated that we should not judge others, yet I find this argument ludicrous. We judge others on a daily basis, and if we do not treat some acts as inherently wrong, regardless of the circumstances, we depart down a slippery soap that will have terrible results. The idea of cultural relativism (well, since he's supposedly within our own culture it wouldn't be quite that) is absurd. Morality has some fluidity, but not that much. People and acts can and should be judged. I will be the first to admit that I like his music, and also that I compartmentalize the private lives and acts of people from their vocational acts. I was saddened by the news of Jackson's death (but also not insane to the degree of watching hours upon hours of news about it), but that sadness was tempered with a realization of who he was. Being a good person and being a good performer are mutually exclusive, in my opinion. However, none of that changes the person's behavior, nor does it make it justifiable. I would have thought Disney would err on the side of caution, and kept out a man who likely engaged in egregious acts. As a company predicated on strong family values, Disney does not have to follow the same "rules" as a court. The Walt Disney Company can judge Michael Jackson, determine his image does not suit the company, and not associate with him. Instead of doing this, the company chose to bring the attraction back, where it would likely draw AP holders, and thus result in increased profits. I wonder what you'd all be saying if Disney announced plans tomorrow to introduce "OJ Simpson's Gridiron Bash" at Innoventions. I mean, after all, he was never found guilty criminally. Would that be different? If so, is it really different, or is it just different because you like Michael Jackson's music? I'm not saying this is how I feel about bringing back Captain EO, just playing devil's advocate since it seems almost everyone else is universally in favor of Jackson returning to DLR. What do you think (if you even care)?

change background photo online free