From Delta to Hill Country

My Mississippi Teacher Corps Portfolio

Lily Chang-Chien

Grade 18

I joined the Mississippi Teacher Corps in May 2005 and will finish this May 2007. For my first year in the program, I was placed in the Delta in Hollandale, but for my second year, I chose to teach in Potts Camp, in Mississippi's hill country. By mere coincidence, my two schools played each other for the 2A north state girls basketball title. It was an exciting, nerve-racking game both on the court and in my emotions, for my loyalties were torn.


Simmons (blue & white) play Potts Camp (red) at Hollandale

This portfolio represents two years of incredibly hard work, of both good experiences and experiences that were good for me. I am proud of it. Please, browse and enjoy.

Table of Contents 



Philosophy statement 

Action Research Project 

Course work selections 

Lesson plans 

Successful teaching strategies 

Classroom management techniques 

Use of technology 

Community/parental involvement