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Let's strive to make this world a better place for all to live in.

“Human brilliance derives from the light of altruistic action.  People are truly human only when they endeavour to dedicate their lives for their friends and fellow human beings.”

—Dr Daisaku Ikeda

"Joy is not simply your personal, egoistic happiness. Nor is it making others happy at the expense of your own happiness. You and others delighting together, you and others becoming happy together -- this should be the basis of all human endeavours."

-- Adapted from the sayings of Dr Daisaku Ikeda.

“A life lived without purpose or value, the kind in which one doesn’t know the reason why one was born, is joyless and lackluster.  To just live, eat and die without any real sense of purpose surely represents a life pervaded by the world of Animality.  On the other hand, to do, create or contribute something that benefits others, society and ourselves and to dedicate ourselves as long as we live to that challenge—that is a life of true satisfaction, a life of value.  It is a humanistic and lofty way to live.”

—Dr Daisaku Ikeda


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