About Chanel C. Bowen

I combine clinical skill with compassion and creativity to help people of diverse backgrounds incite lasting change and transformation from the inside out.

As dual Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist and Licensed Professional Counselor, I provide Cognitive-Behavioral and Mindfulness-Based therapeutic services that address co-occurring Substance Abuse and Mental Health Disorders. To reduce tendencies to abuse substances to self-medicate symptoms of anxiety, depression and other conditions, I specialize in the development of skills to cope with and overcome challenges in healthy ways. Clients acquire a toolbox of skills for long-term recovery and to maintain a sense of well-being.

Using evidence-based methods, I offer intensive individual therapy and group counseling services that are known to help participants breakthrough chemical, social, behavioral, and psychological addictions.

As the old systems break down, it is important to replace them with new and more effective ways of living. I encourage the exploration of proven relaxation and stress-management techniques such as Yoga and Meditation, and lead guided visualizations to train individuals and groups in methods that integrate mind, body, and spirit. Commitment changes things, and so does prayer. I facilitate sessions that help clients find the all-important balance of believing in one's own power while simultaneously drawing strength from a Power greater than ourselves.

As Community Outreach Program Manager, I promote and provide Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services to under-served populations in the community, and offer Cultural Competency training to providers. I plan and participate in outreach events focused on increasing awareness of treatment options and funding opportunities for individuals in the criminal-justice system and other specialized groups who need greater access to Substance Abuse Programs, Mental Health Treatment, and other resources to help establish lives of success, wellness, and recovery.