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Welcome to the first step in moving your life in a more consistently positive direction.  A part of our growth and development process is to face challenges. The question isn't if we will experience them, but how.  With the right support, mindset, and spiritual framework - there are no challenges too great to overcome.  

We aren't created to live in fear, anxiety, insecurity or depression.  We are created to experience fulfillment in life, embracing the inevitable ups and downs, and having the skills to do so in a healthy way.  This is possible for all of us.  And when we improve ourselves, we improve our communities.

I invite you to RECLAIM YOUR JOY, which is your God-given blessing and birthright.  Working from a faith-based approach to clinical counseling, competent coaching, and community outreach, I help people that are in the early stages of self-discovery, skill development and recovery.  I also partner with clients who are more grounded in their journey but are interested in exploring more ways to deepen their connection with self and others to lead more meaningful lives. Call for free consultation of the services that may be right for you.  When you're ready, feel free to make an appointment.  I'd love to be a part of your season of breakthrough!

Many blessings to you,

Chanel C. Bowen, LPC, LCAS, NCC, BC-TMH

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