Students' Thesis


List of Thesis Submitted Students – Dr. S. Chandrasekhar




Thesis Title
Year of Submission Name of University
1. Pradyumna Kumar Mohanthy Synthesis of enantiopure amino containing biologically significant compounds and development of
 Dec, 1999 Osmania University
2. M. Venkat Reddy Stereoselective total synthesis of Sertraline and Nebivolol and development of new methodologies.  Feb, 2001 Osmania University
3. T. Ramchandar Chiral synthesis of hydroxyamino bioactive molecules and development of new methodologies  July, 2001 Osmania University
4. Ch. Raji Reddy Synthetic efforts on anticancer compound Epothilone A and development of new reduction procedures using polymethyl hydrosiloxane (PMHS). Dec, 2001 Osmania University
5. Abbas Raza Development of new methods in solid phase organic synthesis (SPOS) and synthesis of un usual amino acids. Dec, 2001 Osmania University
6. Cheryala Narsihmulu Synthetic effort towards Elutherobin, (6S)- 5,6 –Dihydro-6-[-(2R)-2-pyran-6-phenyl hexyl ]- 2H-hydoxy-2-one and development of one -pot reactions May, 2004 Osmania University
7. N. Rama Krishna Reddy Towards the synthesis of Ecteinascidin-743 and development of new methodologies Mar, 2005 Osmania University
8. V. Jagadeshwar Syhthetic studies on Elutherobin, (-)- Codonopsinine and development of new eco-friendly reactions April, 2005 Osmania University
9. Bathini Nagendra Babu Synthesis of peptide bioactives using unusual amino acids and applications of polymethyl hydrosiloxane (PMHS) March, 2006 Osmania University
10.  G. Chandrasekhar Synthesis of bioactive peptides on unusual amino acid template and new applications of B(C6F5)3 May, 2006 Kakatiya University
11. T. Shyamsunder Total synthesis of substituted tetrahydro pyran ring containing natural products and development of mew methodologies using PEG as recyclable solvent medium  May, 2006 Kakatiya University
12. Shameem Sultana. S Synthetic efforts towards FR 901483, Microsclerodermin A, B and development of new methodologies in Poly(ethylene glycol) July, 2006 Osmania University
13. Marepally Srinivasa Reddy Synthesis of unusual amino acids as building blocks in bioactive peptidomimetics August, 2006 Osmania University
14. Birudaraja Saritha Synthesis of non-natural peptides, Total synthesis of (+)- Epiquinamide and development of new methodologies in Poly(ethylene glycol) July, 2007 Kakatiya University
15. Kandi Vijeender Synthetic studies on (-)-Bulgecinine, Palmerolide A and development of new methodologies Nov, 2007 Osmania University
16. Srinivasarao Yaragorla Synthetic approche for (-)-Spongidepsin and Pladienolide and B(C6F5)3 catalysis

May, 2008 Kakatiya University
17. Rambabu Chegondi Synthetic approaches for pyran containing bio active natural products: Spirastrellolide B, Passifloricines, Aculeatins and 6- epi-Prelactone Sep, 2008 Osmania University
18. Ch. Lohitha rao Total synthesis of anti cancer cyclic tetra peptide Azumamide E, Aminoxy peptide oligomers and PEG as solvent medium for hydrogenation Sep, 2008 Osmania University
19. Ganney Parimala Efforts towards the asymmetric synthesis of Dihydroxy piperazicacid derivatives, PKC inhibitory analogues of Balanol-H series and development of new methodologies  Sep, 2008 JNTU
20. Bhoopendra Tiwari Total synthesis of Pachastrissamine, C10- C24 Fragment of (+) -Cannabisativine and asymmetric Michael reactions using proline based organocatalyst Feb, 2009 N.U
21. Debjit Basu Synthetic studies towards Galanthamine, Terpendole, design of Norbornene derived peptides and development of novel methodologies Feb, 2009 N.U
22. Bibhuti Bhusan Parida Total synthesis of Hyacinthacine A, (-)-Epiquinamide and synthetic approach towards Non-peptide part of Celebeside A and C March, 2010 Osmania University
23. Ambadi Sudhakar Total synthesis of Bengazole A and synthesis of peptidomimetics using unusual β -amino acids March, 2010 Osmania University
24. G. Pavan Kumar Reddy Total synthesis of cyclic depsipetide marine natural product Arenamide A and its diastereomer, new oligomers of AZT amino acids and applications of PEG as efficient solvent medium June, 2010 PUNE
25. Kiranmai Nayani Total synthesis of (+)-Tetrahydropseudodistomin & (+)-Cardiobutanolide and synthesis of novel helical foldamers August, 2010 Kakatiya University
26. T. Pavankumar Synthesis and applications of Pyrrolidine based aminoacids and hydroxylamine derivatives March, 2011 Osmania University
27. P. Phani Madhavi Synthesis of Centrolobine isomers, analogues and development of new methodologies for secondary amines May, 2011 S.V.U
28. G. Shyamkiran Babu Synthetic studies on R207901, Aza-diospongin A and hydroxylamine derivatives June, 2011 PUNE
29. B.V.D.Vijaykumar Towards the synthesis of indolizidine derivatives: (-)-Lentiginosine, (+)-Allapumilitoxin 267A and deuterated taxol side chain July, 2011 Osmania University



Dr. S. Chandrasekhar was involved in syllabus preparation for M.Sc Chemistry, Osmania University during 2005-2008.


Books written: 1


Enantioselective synthesis of propargyl alcohols as multifunctional synthons. Yadav, J. S.; Chandrasekhar, S.  Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad, India.  Editor(s): Chorghade, Mukund S.  Drug Discovery and Development (2007), 2, 141-160.  Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, N. J CODEN: 69IHOA Conference written in English. AN 2007:1079996