Eruv Status

The eruv is checked weekly and its status is updated accordingly.  The eruv must not be relied upon without first checking the status and confirming that it has been recently checked with no issues. Eruv Status is found below. 
    Unfortunately, we have encountered a line that is down for one section of the Chandler Eruv. The repair is scheduled before shabbat. Please continue to monitor any emails and/or the Eruv website as we will send updates once as progress is made. Please remember not to rely on the Eruv until it is confirmed to be up before the begining of Shabbos. Thank you for your patience and continued support regarding the Eruv project.
-The Eruv Committee
Please check for updates regarding the Eruv before Shabbos.

The Eruv  is currently DOWN for Parashat Chayei Sarah, which is the 25th of Mar Cheshvan, corresponding to 
November 2nd/3rd.  Those living within the boundaries of the Eruv may carry as of now.

The Eruv is down. Please wait for announcement to be made in the Shul on Friday before relying on Eruv.

Are you benefitting from the Eruv?
Contribute to the Eruv Commitee and ensure that the Eruv continues to be checked weekly and properly maintained

Eruv Boundaries

The Chandler Eruv boundaries are mostly comprised of the actual existing walls or fences that follow the inside of the rectangle created by the Loop 101 Price Freeway, the Loop 202 San Tan Freeway, the I-10 Maricopa Freeway and the US-60 Superstition Freeway. These existing walls are marked in blue. In the few places where there are breaks in the wall, doorways are created using clear fishing line or steel cable where feasible. These Crossings are marked in green.
Click on the map image below to view the
interactive Google map.