Those of us used and scapegoated by the Family System must band together and fight back. Otherwise we will always be prey for Psychotherapy, Religion, the Recovery Movement, and the Self-Reliance Ethic. We need to band togethr and fight back if we are even to have

A Chance to Survive

these forums were inspired by the early writings of the late Alice Miller, someone who exposed all the ways in which psychotherapy is really just pedagogy and serves to protect the denial systems of the therapist while crushing the clients attempts at reaching awarenss

Chance to Survive Those used by the Family System must band together and fight back against its Recovery Movement, its Live and Let Live and Self-Reliance Ethics, against its Psychotherapy and Religion, and against its Pedagogy

Victory can be had, but it must be seized by force

Those of us used by the Family System, used for pedagogy, used as props to provide adult identity and legitimacy, used as marital pawns, and used as poison containers are left at the end with nothing. We have no place in this world. So, we need redress for the wrongs, we need to reclaim what was lost, we need to restore that which was destroyed, we need to regroup with allies, and we need to reenvision and recreate the world, so that we might have a

Chance to Survive

once I was used by pedagogues, but now I'm fighting back so that I may finally have a place

Those of us used by the Family System have had their life prospects severely stunted. We had to exist as we were being used in order to provide adult identity and social legitimacy. Often Pedagogy was invoked to in order to bolster parental authority. Much is made of the overtly violent Pedagogies. These have been out of favor in many circles for decades. Liberal Pedagogies have been written to fill this gap. They are written and re-written every few years. In my day it was Dr. Benjamin Spock. Today popular terminology includes words like "nurturing", "attachment", "empathy", and "natural". The intent is always the same, justifying the use of a child to provide adult identity. As such the child's Will, its most life affirming instincts, must be crushed.

Those used by the Family System have been sacrificed to pedagogy. Though this comes in various forms, the effects are always the same, the crushing of the Will and the destruction of one's life prospects. Pedagogy exists to give identity, legitimacy, and an authoritative voice to those who invoke it.

Chance to Surviveresponding to the abuses of the Recovery Movement, Psychotherapy, Religion, and Pedagogy

for those used to the Family System to have a Chance to Survive requires responding to the abuses of the Recovery Movement, "Live and Let Live", Psychotherapy, Religion, Pedagogy, and the Self-Reliance Ethic.exposing the abuses of Therapy, the Recovery Movement, Religion, the Family System, and its Self-Reliance ethic so there can finally be accountiblity and redress

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text work up for Chance to Survive I was used those who were used as children now working for redress, recompense, reform, and a Chance to Survive Nothing is as painful to see as the malice of intent which can exist in familiess Nearly nothing is has hard to face as how one has been used by their parents. This is why things like Therapy, Religion, and the Recovery Movement are so popular. They allow for some admission, but then they still put it back on the child who was used. Pedagogy means the using of children. Its a way an adult can stay in denial and gain for themselves and unchallenged and unstigmatized adult identity. But its the children who pay. When it comes to the violent and authoritarian pedagogies most people know this. Its different though with liberal pedagogies. They have the same effect, the breaking of a child’s will, and pedagogy

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