~Always in our hearts~

Welcome to  Chance to Heal Bereavement website. This site is for members of Chance to Heal online support group.  This will be a basic website where members can check in to find out about chat room meeting times,  and basic support information about wading through grief. As the group progresses, I will add more personable information pertaining to our groups situation and progress.
Basic Guidelines
  • Your feelings are your own.  Criticism of others feelings isn't allowed.  Please consider this group/chat room a safe place to share your grief and pain. 
  • This is and educational/social support group. This is not a therapy group. 
  • Please plan on being in the chat room with us each week.  
  • Please enter chat room on time.
  • Please choose a place to participate, where distractions will be minimal.
  • You are not required to talk/type; but getting your words out in the open, can help you to heal. 
  • Please keep things between the group members. Things should remain confidential. 
  • Please be respectful of the time, and give everyone who wants a turn to share, an opportunity to share.