About Me

Hi! My name is Chance McDermott and I am currently a freshman majoring in Violin Performance at Wayne State University. I am expecting to graduate Wayne State University in 2019, after which I plan on furthering my musical studies and obtaining my Master's Degree at a conservatory of music, with aspirations of becoming a musician in a top-tier professional orchestra. I first became interested in the violin when I was six years old, after hearing a recording of Itzhak Perlman playing the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto. As soon as I heard him play, I knew that I wanted to play the violin. Soon after, I started taking private lessons and I joined my middle school orchestra. I worked my way up, slowly getting better and better and now here I am, playing violin professionally. All of my hard work has payed off, as I now attend Wayne State University on a full scholarship for music. I currently study with the Assistant Concertmaster of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Hai Xin Wu. 

Some of my credits include Concertmaster of the Cranbrook Kingwood Orchestra, Soloist with the Cranbrook Kingwood Orchestra, Concertmaster of the Cranbrook Kingwood Pit Orchestra, Concertmaster of the Michigan Youth Arts Festival Honors Orchestra, and most recently, Concertmaster of the Detroit Symphony Youth Orchestra. I am also a substitute musician in the Dearborn Symphony Orchestra. In addition to performing, I also teach violin and viola. While I know want to pursue a career in music, I still want to maintain my academic prowess, so I am also a member of the Honors College here at Wayne State University. Attending Wayne State University has allowed me to stay close to my home and further the relationships I have with other professional musicians and take advantage of the opportunities with which they provide to me.