Multireflex tools

Handmade, high quality and using sustainable methods of manufacture, the tools produce fast complementary results for everyone, including yourself.
Thanks to it's rebalancing yin or yang effects, each tool can be used for numerous treatments. The larger tools reactivate microcirculation of blood and liquids when used for local body stimulations and quickly relieve structural and visceral pain.
The natural horn used in the tools is recovered from working farm animals at the end of their natural life, so no animal is harmed or simply bred for its horn.

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Tools catalogue
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Index card

The index card of each tool has the reference number (in the centre of the image) and a great deal of information on its use, including a list of Practical treatments and Protocols it is best suited for.

Purchasing tools
This button will add tools to your basket until you are ready to purchase. When you have finished your shopping, tap the shopping cart button to go to the DienShop to place your order.

The Pdf
As it is strongly advised you recommend tools to your clients it is useful to give an explanation of it's use and effect. Generate a PDF to share in an email.

Your order
When you have finished adding tools to your basket, this button will take you to a summary of your order. From there, you add your comments and send your order. We will send you an estimate.

The labels
When offering a tool to a client, labels can be generated. This button allows you, from the index card of every tool, to complete a PDF, including your resale price.

In the main list of the tools you will see which ones you have added to the PDF labels and your resale price.

Yin-yang classification
We have borrowed the yin and yang terminology to describe the effects of each end of the tools. You do not need to be trained in either Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or Western medicine to be able to use them correctly.
Dien Chan tools can be used both physiologically and energetically; they are holistic.

Maintenance of the tools
The natural horn has antiseptic properties. However every part can receive some special care. You will find all the details in the electronic brochure available on

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