Venus Step-by-step

Venus Step-by-step is dedicated to facial imperfections and their possible internal source. This segment of the Chan'beauté interactive magazine, explains each step to be taken as well as the tempo, recommended tools, the adapted bqc·point formulas and the Dien Chan diagrams of reflection to be considered.

Main menu
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The Venus
For wrinkles, tap on facial wrinkles; the page will open and again the Venus image will appear with blue arrows on it. Select the arrow which corresponds to the wrinkle you want to treat and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Multireflexology - Dien Chan
By projecting the Dien Chan diagrams of reflection on the face, we can discover the organ or zone that may be weak or blocked and is causing the imperfection on the face.

The principle is very simple, and as in Multireflexology - Dien Chan;
every treatment in Chan'beauté invites us to talk to our client.
Successful treatment resides in the talent of the practitioner.

Tap on the recommended tool image for more details on its use.

Bqc·points formulas
 To see the positions of the bqc·points, tap on the formula you wish to use.
 Tap on the top right of the slide to close the formula.

When the formula has some contraindications the 'i' button will be visible.

Diagrams of reflection
When the diagram is visible in a step, tap on it for a larger view.

Diagram legend
Tap this button to see the legend of the selected diagram.

he associated protocol
Some of the diagrams of reflection will have this icon, tap it to see the recommended protocol.

Add a tool to your basket
Tap on this button to add the selected tool to your basket.

Many practitioners have told us that they keep a supply of their favorite and most needed tools on hand to offer to clients, to encourage them to do “homework” between treatments and see faster  and deeper results. As you sell a tool from your supply, place one in your basket, so when you are ready to place an order you will know exactly what you need.