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Here you add your personal information that will appear on every PDF that you share with your clients from the Chan'beauté magazine. Be sure to complete each field to produce professional documents.

🔸In this section, you can also choose another available language for your Chan'beauté magazine.

Therapists information

Tap the logo field to add a business logo, your company name and contact information and your slogan, if you have one.

If you make a mistake, tap this button to erase the contents and start again.

DienShop information

Choose your currency and your location to receive accurate purchase estimates.
In Europe include your business or VAT number.

Other buttons

The licence
In our efforts to prevent pirating of this amazing interactive magazine, every copy of Chan'beauté is protected with a private licence. Please read the general conditions of sale to avoid this from happening.

Contact the school
Tap on this icon to e-mail the International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan directly from the Chan'beauté magazine.

Display options
Open this menu to reduce or enlarge the magazine text. You can also access online help, providing you are connected to the internet.

Tap here to see the list of all those involved with the creation of the Chan'beauté magazine.

We are always working hard to improve our publications and applications.
From time to time we will have updates available. These are free so, please, update as soon as we send you an alert. Internet connection required.

Exit Chan'beauté
This button takes you from the Chan'beauté magazine to FileMaker Go.

FileMaker Go is an App - it behaves like a folder and contains the Chan'beauté magazine and the PDF documents.To close FileMakerGo click twice on your iPad button to view all the open applications and pull up FileMakerGo.

Change the orientation
If you are using FileMaker·Pro for Mac or Pc you can choose the default orientation (landscape or portrait) for your Chan'beauté magazine. Remember the magazine has to be in landscape for informational purposes and portrait for the working mode.