Personalized care

The Chan’beauté interactive magazine allows you to keep track of all of your clients; including their contact information and their personalized treatment plans.

Create a personal file
Tap this button each time you need to create a new client file.

Appointments schedule
Tap to go to your appointments schedule.

CLIENT profile

Your client profile allows you to keep contact and personal information about your client, to create personal treatment plans, and note their next appointment.
Their email address is essential so you can share the PDF's you create for their “homework”.

Take a photo of your client by using the camera on your iPad or your iPhone.

From the gallery
Tap this button if you already have the clients' photo in your iPhone\iPad library.

Delete the photo
If you don't like the photo you have taken, you can delete it and start again.

Create a treatment plan
Individual client care is assigned to their profile.

Client list
Return to your client list.

Delete a client file
If you no longer need a client file, tap to delete. Some jurisdictions require files, on completion of treatment, to be kept for a specific period of time. Please check with your association and/or seek legal advice, before permanently deleting a client file.

Personal care

Each clients' personalized treatment plan combines a practical treatment, a formula, a protocol and a recommended tool. 
Also a map of the zones, generated by you, on their portrait or a map.

Choose a Practical treatment
This button shows you the list of Practical treatments in the magazine as well as the ones you have created in your Personalized notes. Select one for the PDF to send your client.

Choose a formula
Choose a bqc·points formula.

Choose a protocol
Choose a protocol for your client to use daily.

Draw the reflex zones
Tapping on this button opens up the “Reflex zone” where you can choose either the clients photo or a map of the face on which to draw the zones to be worked.

Share your treatment
After completing the custom care for your client, send it to them in a PDF. This will encourage them to continue their treatment at home and, on their next visit see deeper results.

reflex zones

Select the facial map style, or the photo of your client,  you wish to use and, using your finger on your iPad\iPhone, draw the areas that you recommend they stimulate.

Use the portrait
The photo of your client, if you have one.

Body zones
Use the Venus body to show the zone to be worked.

Save the image
When you have finished drawing, tap this button to embed the complete image into the clients personal file.

Undo stroke by stroke.

Choose a tool
Select the tool you are recommending to treat the zones you have drawn.

Back to care
Return to the Personal treatment plan section of your clients’ file.

Email your client
Return to the clients' file and send the PDF.