Practical treatments

Let us guide you through the different sections of the Practical treatments to obtain the best results. As a professional or a beginner, you will see how easy it is to adapt the treatments to your every day routine.

Search field
This icon, on the top right corner of the screen, allows you to search a “theme” (wrinkles, cellulite etc) or a specific treatment.

The buttons

List of formulas associated with a practical treatment
Tapping this button offers a list of associated Dien Chan points (called bqc·points) to support the practical treatment. The point can be stimulated using the detector or the small hammer, or the zone can be stimulated using one of the rolling tools.

Tool information
This button offers a pop up of the recommended tools for the treatment. Tap on the icon of a tool to see more information. At the bottom of that page tap on 'complete file for the tool' to see even more details on it's use.

See what people who have received Chan'beauté treatments have to say.

Go back
Return to the contents of the practical treatment you are working with. You can also return by tapping on the small arrow at the top left corner of the screen.

Display and online help
Open this menu to reduce or enlarge the App text.
You can also access online help, providing you are connected to the internet.

List of Practical treatments
Use this button (when in landscape view) to go to the complete list of Practical treatments.
In portrait view - tap the Chan'beauté logo button on the bottom left hand corner.

The DienShop
Tap on this button when you wish to add a tool to your basket to be purchased later.
Many practitioners have told us that they keep a supply of their favorite and most needed tools on hand to offer to clients, to encourage them to do “homework” between treatments and see faster and deeper results. As you sell a tool from your supply, place one in your basket, so when you are ready to place an order you will know exactly what you need. 

Personalized treatments

List of
Personalized treatments
Tap this icon to access your list of personalized notes. Within the Chan’beauté magazine you can combine protocols, bqc·point formulas, tools etc., to create personalized notes.

Create a personalized treatments
Tap this button, found at the bottom of the Practical treatments list, to create a personalized treatment.

Generate a PDF
Tap this button to generate the PDF of the personalized note you have designed. All PDF's are stored and viewable in FileMaker Go. You can send them to your client from here.

Delete a Personalized treatments
Tap on this button to erase your Personalized note from the Chan'beauté magazine.