User guide for the interactive magazine of Chan'beauté.
The therapeutic and natural esthetics technique developed by
the International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan.

Although it is very intuitive, it is possible that sometimes you may need a little help.
This magazine will work very happily without an internet connection, but there are a few occasions when you will need it, such as - access to the on line manual, the blog, sending emails and receiving updates when they are released.

You will find, in most sections, one or both of these buttons that will connect you to the online manual. You need Internet access.

Access the blog
Tap on the bar at the bottom of the screen on the main page (front cover) of the magazine to see the most recent article at Dien Chan blog. Internet connection is required.

This button takes you to the Step-by-step section of the Chan’beauté interactive magazine: Wrinkles, Scars, etc...

Client list
Go to the list of your client files and the personalized care section.

All the options relative to your Chan’beauté magazine: License, languages and updates...

To allow you to adapt the text size to your taste some paragraphs are located in independent objects.
If, when you slide your finger over some text it doesn't move, it means that you are not in the right area.
You have to tap the block first (i.e, the tool picture) for the information and then scroll.

User guide table of content

* On MacOs and Windows, you need to purchase FileMakerPro to be able to run the Chan'beauté magazine.

* On iOS (iPad\iPhone) you need FileMakerGo, a free App available at the AppStore.