Zucchini Fries

Snack, healthy , side dish,contains egg



Zucchini: 2

Egg: 1 egg white

Milk: ¼ cup

Parmesan cheese grated: ½ cup

Breadcrumb: 1 /2 cup

Hot sauce: a dash (totally optional) but I added to bring up some flavor.




Cut the zucchini into 3-inch sticks.

Whisk the egg white & milk together with hot sauce

Mix the Parmesan cheese and breadcrumb, keep it in a plate

Dip the zucchini in wet ingredients and roll in breadcrumb


Shallow fry:

Heat a pan with a teaspoon of oil and fry them until they turn golden brown in medium heat.


Bake them:

In a cookie sheet, spray some oil, arrange those zucchini and bake at 425° for 20 to 30 minutes