Puri and potato masala
Tiffin/breakfast/south indian/vegetarian

Recipe for potato masala:


Potato: 3 medium

Onion: 1 medium

Green chilis: 5 to 6 num

Ginger: 1 tsp minced

Turmeric: ¼ tsp

Besan flour (optional): 1 tbsp (mixed with little water)

Tomato (optional): 1 small

Chilli powder (optional): ½ tsp


Note: I didn’t use any tomato and chilli powder (which is totally optional, in Tamil Nadu, the potato masala doesn’t contain both of the ingredients)



Oil: 1 to 2 tsp

Mustard seeds: 1 tsp

Urad dhal: ½ tsp

Bengal gram/ channa dhal: 2 tsp

Curry leaves: few




Cilantro: few leaves choppes





Boil the potato until fork tender (can pressure cook with wnough water and leave 2 to 3 whistle)

Easiest ways is peel and dice at same size and add enough water to cover.

Cook in microwave HIGH for 8 to 9 minutes. Drain the water and mash little coarsely with back of the fork!

Heat the oil in a pan, add the seasoning one by one, when they start to crack. Add the onion, ginger and green chilies. Fry until translucent.

Add the mashed potato, turmeric and adjust the salt. Pour the besan flour mix in water, and add at least ½ cup or more water. U can make little thinner the gravy will thick very quickly! Garnish with cilantro leaves and serve with puris or even crispy dosa!




Recipe for puris:


Atta/ wheat Flour: 1 cup

Semolina/rava: 2 tsp

Salt: ¼ tsp or more

Water: less ½ cup to make dough


Oil: to deep fry


U might need less than ½ cup of water to make the dough. The dough should be hard not loose like for chapatti/roti. So make sure you use less water.



Mix the three ingredients in a bowl.

Add the water slowly and mix it.

Once it comes together, knead 5 minutes and keep covered.


Note: If the dough is resting for long time, The puri suck oil and the result is OILY puris.

Can make immediately. 

Keep the wok/Kadai ready in stovetop with enough oil to deep fry 

Take a small balls (gooseberry size), roll without using any flour (if stick use little oil). It should not be thin, roll slightly thick! 

Drop slowly in oil and with a ladder try to press down the puri in oil. They will start to puff. And try to turn slowly. Both sides should be fried. 

Take out and drain in paper towel. 

Serve with potato masala.



Tips to make Good puris.


  1. Do not rest the dough for longer time, result will be oily puris.
  2. Make the dough little harder not sticky like for roti.
  3. Don’t use flour when it sticks, use little oil – The flour will spoil the deep-frying oil.
  4. The oil should be hot, but in medium heat.