Nilgiri Kurma (Vegetarian)


A rich Vegetarian gravy served with plain rice or roti!


Mixed vegetable: carrot, green bean, peas  (diced)=1 cup

Potato: 1 medium diced

Onion: 1 diced

Oil: 1 tsp or more

Salt: according your taste



Masala No 1:

Coconut: 1/2 cup

Cashew: 6 num

Poppy seeds: 1tbsp

Fennel seed: 1 tsp

Coriander powder: 1tsp


Masala No 2

Cilantro leaves: 1 cup loosely packed

Green chillis: 6 less or more

Clove: 2

Cardamon: small piece

Green cardamon: 1

Ginger: a small piece or 1 tsp diced

Garlic: 2 cloves or 1 tsp diced


To grind:

Grind masala no 1 and No 2 separetly.



The whole gravy can be cooked in pressure cooker ( to cook much faster) or in pot.

Heat oil in a pot or cooker, add the onion fry until they turn translucent. Add the masala No 2 fry until the raw smell goes away or the oil should come out from the masala.

Add the vegetable, Masala no 1 and a cup of water, adjust the salt level.

Close the pressure cooker and leave exactly 2 whistles not more (the potato and other veg will turn mushy).

Switch off the stove and let it rest another 10 minutes before removing the pressure cooker lid.

If you cook in pot with lid one it, cook until the potato are done !

Serve with any variety rice or roti, naan, chapati!