Moong dhal payasam
South-Indian dessert/kheer/payasam



Moong dhal (yellow) / pasi Payir: 1/3 cup

Water: 1 cup

Milk: 1/2 cup

Jaggery: ½ cup powdered (less or more according ur sweet level)

Green cardamom: 4 pounded slighty

Grated fresh coconut: 3 tbsp

Cashew: 8 counts

Ghee: 1 tsp





Rinse the dhal twice and add the cup of water. Pressure-cook the dhal until two whistles.

Meantime, heat the ghee and fry the cashew nuts, keep it aside.

Once the pressure has been released, transfer the dhal in another saucepan, add the jaggery and milk, let it cook until it is well blended. You can adjust the consistency of payasam by adding milk if it is thick!

Add the fried cashews, coconut and powdered cardamom and switch off the stove.


Serve hot or at room temperature.