Badam Kheer
Indian dessert/Almond drink/sweet

Microwave cooking time: 10 minutes (one of the highest cooking time, among my microwave recipes)


Warning: Need plenty of attention after 4 minutes of milk boiling, It may overflow!



Almonds: 25 counts (if you decrease the milk will be thin-or decrease nuts if you use full cream milk)

Milk I used 2%: 2 cups (keep ½ cup separate to grind the almonds)

Sugar: ¼ cup (If you want a mild taste use 2 to3 tbsp what I did)



Chironji/Charoli/Saara payir: few to garnish




Blanch the almond first:

Take a bowl – put the almonds and some water (appro ¾ cup) until the nuts are drown.

Keep in microwave for 2 minutes.


Take out and keep it aside


Next take a big microwave safe bowl, pour 1 ½ cup of milk and keep 4 minutes in microwave.


Remove the boiling milk bowl and keep it aside.


Now, see if u can handle the almonds, just squeeze the nuts, it should slide easily out. Rinse in water and add the almonds in small blender/mixie jar with ½ cup of milk , grind into little coarse paste.


Add the almond paste in hot milk and mix it. Keep another 3 minutes.


Take out add the sugar and mix well- keep another 1 or 2 minutes.


Garnish with the Chironji nuts and serve hot or cold !


Note: if you want richer, use full cream milk and can reduce the almond or even use evaporated milk, saffron, cardamom too.