Recreational Opportunities

Every year, thousands of people come to the Champion area for recreational purposes.  The list below gives some brief information about each activity with additional links that will lead you to more information.  Hunt's Guide to Michigan's Upper Peninsula provides a lot of additional information about our area.


Fishing is a popular year-round past time in the Champion area.  Walleye, northern pike, muskie, panfish, bass, and trout can be caught in the surrounding waters.  One of the most popular fishing destinations is Lake Michigamme.  Lake Michigamme is a beautiful lake with 95 miles of shoreline, 27 islands and over 4,300 acres of water. This lake is known for its walleye, muskie, and northern pike, but the Michigan DNR has recently introduced lake trout, splake, brook trout, and rainbow trout into the lake. Dozens of other lakes and streams offer tremendous fishing opportunities any time of the year.  Many area lakes have public access sites.


Game is abundant in the central Upper Peninsula and hunters here find plenty of opportunities to pursue deer, bear, partridge (ruffed grouse), woodcock, and rabbits.  There are thousands of acres to hunt on public or Commercial Forest lands in the Champion area.


Those who like to camp will find plenty of opportunities to do so in the Champion area.  Van Riper State Park and Michigamme Shores Campground are within two miles of the village of Champion.  Craig Lake State Park is a remote wilderness park located about 15 miles west of Champion.  Several State Forest campgrounds are located in our area as well.  Some of these are in Marquette county and others are in Baraga county.  Each park offers its own unique variety of amenities and opportunities for outdoor enjoyment.


With almost 100 miles of shoreline, 27 islands, and dozens of bays and inlets to explore, Lake Michigamme is a favorite destination of many boaters.  Canoes, kayaks, sailboats, fishing boats, pontoon boats, personal watercraft, and other recreational boats are a common sight on the lake.  With its large size of 4300 acres, Lake Michigamme is able to accommodate a diverse group of boaters at any time. The Peshekee river, which flows into Lake Michigamme just west of Champion, is a favorite of canoers and kayakers, especially in the spring of the year when the water runs high and wild on the upper reaches of the river.  The Michigamme River, which flows out of Lake Michigamme to the south, is becoming a favorite canoe and kayak destination for many people.


Hikers have plenty of opportunities to stretch their legs in the Champion area. There are developed hiking trails in Van Riper State Park, The McCormick Wilderness, Craig Lake State Park, as well as the North Country Trail, a cross-country trail from New York to North Dakota which passes through our area.  Besides developed trails there are hundreds of miles of old logging trails on state-owned lands and Commercial Forest lands which are open for exploration.

Mountain Biking

Marquette county has some of the best mountain biking opportunities in the state.  The Western Marquette County Mountain Biking web site has more information about this increasingly popular sport.

ORV/ATV Trails

Champion township, and Marquette county in general, are ORV friendly areas.  Visitors will find ample opportunity to ride their off-road vehicles in both remote and populated areas with a Michigan DNR authorized trail running through town.  Please use caution and respect private property.  More ORV information can be obtained from the Michigan DNR web site.

Snowmobile Trails

Snowmobiling is one of our area's most popular winter sports.  The Moose Country Snowmobile Club and the Michigan DNR have developed and maintain hundreds of miles of trails in the U.P. with a groomed trail running in all directions from Champion.  Trail permits are required and are available locally.  More information is available from the Michigan DNR web site.  Click here for additional information about trail conditions, food & lodging, sled rentals, trail maps and more.