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Champakara -  the word is derived from the Malayalam word “Sampal kara” or “Sampath kara”, which means the land of prosperity.


Champakara is a beautiful, peaceful village in Kottayam Dist. 18 km  away from Kottayam. The State highway from Kottayam to Punaloor passes through this land. Karukachal, a major center of  it.

Champakara is the land of "KALARIPAYATTU", the martial art of kerala. Many different kinds of kalari  & ayurvedic massaging centers are there. Late Shri. Gopinatha Kurup from Chanmpakara is famous for Kalari Treatment and martial arts


The people of Champakara are dedicated to nature, because one can see lot of ‘SARPPAKAVU which  is   for the preservation of mother earth.


People show keen interest in the protection of Indian culture. and the arts & music. It’s the birthplace of many musicians,one of whom is the late Shri. Kalanilayam Narayana kaimal who was famous for KADHAKALI


Champakara sreeraman, Mangudi Elephant are the elephants here. Many elephant lovers are present in Champakara.


In ancient time people were concentrated in agricultural activities. Now rubber is the main crop grown here. Champakara bus service, Match factory,Sreerangom hospital, Pepper factory are the main industries providing employment here.


The youths are very efficient in a wonderful game called  "NADAN PANTHUKALI", which is a village game mainly happening at the ground of Devi temple.Many arts & sports clubs are present for the promotion of youth activities.


Politically, it is a LDF and UDF dominated society .RSS is also very strong here.The former minister for transport, Prof. K. Narayana kurup is  from here.  


Champakara is a land of communal harmony, Devi temple, Champakara, Devi temple Nethalloor, Champakara church are the famous pilgrim centers. Meenabharani, Sreekrishnajayanthi are the main religious occasions.


In Devi temple, on the meenabharani day, the  "SEVA" and "Anpolivazhipadu is very famous all over the country, because it contains huge number of "PARA" (a vessel used for measurement of paddy) arranged in rows and is  the main attraction. On the day of  Kumbhabharani in Champakara temple at the evening,  PINDIVILAKKU” made out of plantain is lit . These can be  seen only here in Kerala. Champakara church is famous for  a procession called “Raasa”.In Champakara,  Hindus, Christians & a small number of Muslims live peacefully. Majority of the people are Hindus. The Nair Service Society and  SNDP are very strong here.


Govt L P School Thommachery ,Subhash memorial UP school, Rajahamsasramam school, Sarada Vidyamandiram & St joseph school are the schools and Balikasadanam is an orphanage for girls. Ekathmathakendram is the cultural centre here.


Puthooram channel & Channel nine are the local channels for broadcasting  local news on television