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Class Schedule and Pre-requisites

[This page is being updated -- check back later for updates.]

NOTE: Prerequisites will be updated up to a week before the clinic. Please check back here to ensure you have all the information you need for the merit badge(s) you sign up for! 

Class Schedule
Period A             Period B            Lunch           Period C
Class8:30 - 10:20        10:30-12:20    12:30-1:00    1:10-3:00

 Class     Period Counselor
 Coin Collecting A, B, C Kingsley Allen
 Citizenship in the World A, B Tyler Pack
 Electronics   B-C  Ross Wagstaff
 Engineering   B-C David Beer
 First Aid A-B Ralph Ruggieri
 Music C Keven Lewis
 Scholarship/Fingerprinting A, B, C  Bill Evans

Prerequisites and Other Information

Bring your own sack lunch!
  • Citizenship in the World
    • Prerequisites
      • 3a, 3b, 7
  • Digital Technology
    • 1
  • Electronics
  • First Aid
  • Music
    • Prerequisites
      • 3a, b, or c (chose one to complete one)
  • Scholarship
    • Prerequisites
      • 1, 3