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Google discontinued the service and migrated everything to sites. This will also be an opportunity for me to start blogging which I have not being doing upto now :-)

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Full Name:

Chamindra Kishan Ignatius de Silva

A Few details about me.....

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A Little General Information

  • Graduated in Engineering and Computer Science from Magdalen College, Oxford University
  • MIT GITA Technovator Award Winner
  • I am Sri Lankan, married with two mischievous baby boys. 
  • I have been fortunate to have lived in multiple countries and cultures growing up including those in Sri Lanka, Oman, Singapore, Papua New Guniea, UK and USA.
  • Finally but not least in terms of my values I strive to be a Christian. 
  • Contact Info

  • chamindra [at] opensource [dot] lk    (Sahana/FOSS email)
  • chamindra [at] virtusa [dot] com        (Official Virtusa email)
  • C.K.I.DeSilva [at] uvt [dot] nl                (Tilburg University email)
  • chamindra [at] gmail [dot] com           (Personal email)