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Troy Leroy Bennett

According to the May 15, 1991 edition of the Baltimore Sun a 20 year old man who was acquitted in February of the same year of killing a man in a drug dispute was found shot to death on May 14, 1991 and left in the 4600 block of Wetheredsville Road.    Homicide investigators believe the shooting of Troy Leroy Bennett of the 1900 block of Eutaw Place may have been the result of yet another drug dispute.  Bennett was on probation for a narcotics violation and had a history of involvement with drugs, police say.

Whether the murder was related to Bennett's acquittal in the slaying of Warren T. Johnson, a 22 year old neighbor, remains to be seen said a member of the homicide unit.   Detectives said Bennett was last seen alive walking near his mother's house on Eutaw Place.   In February, Bennett and two other defendants went on trial for Mr. Johnson's murder in Baltimore City Circuit Court.  All three men charged with Warren T. Johnson's murder were acquitted.   Bennett was placed on five year's supervised probation last September after he was convicted of the possession of drugs with the intent to distribute.

This blogger's editorial comment

If you've been reading these pages you may see that homicide detectives made similar sweeping generalization in the murder of Luther Wagner before his killer was caught.  The police said that Mr. Wagner's death had to be a drug related killing.   However, once the killer gave his testimony it was found that Mr. Wagner was killed because he was perceived as to making advances to the murderer's girlfriend and it had nothing to do with drugs.   Never trust any statements coming out of the Baltimore City Police Department's mouth.

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