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Oswaldo Santana

On Wednesday, February 29(Leap Day), 2012, Oswaldo Santana,21, was found in the 4700 block of Windsor Mill Road in Leakin Park fatally shot near the entrance to the Carrie Murray Nature Center.    According to this Baltimore Sun article Santana was found alive around 9PM suffering from several gunshot wounds but was pronounce dead at 9:38PM.   The police know of no motive or suspects.

Oswaldo Santana had been released 2 weeks earlier after prosecutors dropped three charges of attempted first-degree murder against him stemming froma March 20, 2011 triple shooting in the 2600 block of Park Heights Terrace.  The wounded victims had run away.  The victims in that case were Anthony Timpson, Travis Bains and Daquan Gardner.  One of the victims picked Mr. Santana's Picture from a photo array and identified him as the alleged shooter.   Court records show that the case was postponed once because Anthony Timpson could not be found to testify.   Santana had previously pleaded guilty to a drug distribution charge in 2009 and was sentenced to 5 years in prison with all but one month suspended.

Mr. Santana was the father of a 1 year old girl and an 8 month old boy and was a stay-at-home father.

This blogger's editorial opinion

I'm not going to talk about Orlando Santana, instead I'm going to talk about Kendall Hawkes.   On October 11, 1998 Kendall Hawkes was found in the exact same location as Mr. Santana, the 4700 block of Windsor Mill Road.  Kendall Hawkes was also a victim of a shooting.   He was 18.  He died.   And that is all we know.   From time to time I see people searching for information about Kendall Hawkes on my stat counter, and it sickens me that I can't reference an article or tell them more about what happened to him.   In 1998 Baltimore City had 315 homicides, Kendall Hawkes was treated like just another in a long list of dead young black men who were give barely a mention other than their name, age and the location of where they died in the Baltimore Sun.  I'm sorry Kendall Hawkes died, I'm also sorry that Oswaldo Santana died.    But it certainly is a pleasant change the editors of the Baltimore Sun are taking a little bit of an interest in these men.  Dead black men on the side of the road in Leakin Park will never be held to such high regard in the media as the dead white female mother, Lois Smyth/Vance/Morman, but giving one several paragraphs in the Sun's Crime Blog is a big improvement.

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