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Brian Anthony Johnson

In the June 10, 2001 issue of the Baltimore Sun we learn that 3 men in a beige Jeep Cherokee abducted Brian Anthony Johnson, 18, of the 5000 block of Clifton Avenue.  Johnson was at the Amoco station at West Forest Park Avenue and Windsor Mill Road around midnight on June 11, 2001.  Shortly after midnight Monday, police found Johnson's body in the 3400 block of Winterbourne Road.  He had been shot in the head.

Eric Von Poole, 32, of the first block of Northland Road in Woodlawn, Charles Antonio Ham, 18, of the 1700 block of North Bentalou Street and Carl Douglass Harrison Jr, 20 of 2518 West Fayette Street were charged with 1st degree murder, kidnapping and handgun violations.

On October 2, 2002 in the Baltimore Sun we learn that Eric Von Poole was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison plus 70 years and co-defendant Carl Harrison was sentenced to 60 years in prison.  Charles Ham had pleaded guilty to the charges on July 17, 2002.

According to the Maryland Inmate Locator, as of 01/11 Eric Poole now resides at the North Branch Correctional Facility in Cumberland, MD.  Charles Ham lives at the Patuxent Institute and I haven't found a listing for Carl Harrison who is either, dead, at Perkins or at an out-of-state facility perhaps.

Update 06/24/2012

A reader of this blog questions the conviction of Eric Von Poole in in the murder of Brian Anthony Johnson.  The reader brings up these points:
  1. Eric Poole has been found guilty of shooting Brian Johnson although evidence by phone records show Mr. Poole wasn’t in Baltimore at the time.
  2. Mr. Poole was linked to the shooting of Brian Johnson by the shooting of Arnold Paige earlier that night.  The shooting of Arnold Paige on June 10, 2001 was performed with the same gun that the police claimed was used in the shooting of  Brian Johnson on the same evening.  Arnold Paige, the first shooting victim, survived the shooting and picked out Antoine Lester from photo arrays and a police line-up as the shooter.  The Baltimore City police investigators have not accepted Mr. Paige's statement and insist that Eric Poole shot Arnold Paige.
  3. During both Arnold Paige and Brian Johnson's shooting Mr. Poole's phone records show that his phone was not physically in Baltimore at the time. The city police investigators ignored this information.
  4. The person who named Mr. Poole as the shooter of both men, Brian Johnson and Arnold Paige, is Antoine Lester.  Mr. Lester provided five different testimonies to the police of events that occurred that day.
  5. There were no fingerprints, nor DNA found on Eric Poole or in Mr. Poole’s car of Brian Johnson.
  6. Mr. Lester claimed Brian Johnson was in his car and had been beaten in his car which would lead one to believe that DNA evidence would have been found in the car.  No  incriminating DNA evidence was collected. The medical examiner states Brian Johnson suffered no beatings, no bruises or lacerations.
  7.  At trial, City Police Lieutenant  L. Nevins stated; “Lester’s offer to bring in Eric Poole was accepted because they were unsure whether sufficient information regarding the true identity of all the parties could be obtained” Id. at p. 586.
The reader concludes that matching Eric’s phone records and event timeline shows it’s impossible for Mr. Poole to have shot Brian Johnson. According to the reader, all information above can be verified through police records.

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